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Whether you are a home user looking to set up or repair a wireless router, or a business user looking to set up an e-mail/web server or network security firewall on your Internet connection, we can help.

Home Networks

  • DSL & Cable-Modem set up
  • Wireless security - keep strangers from accessing your wireless network from outside
  • Set up multiple PCs to use one Internet connection
  • Install firewall, anti-virus & anti-SpyWare software to protect your network

E-mail, Internet and AOL Problems
Need to get connected? Can't get your workstation to link to your cable-modem or DSL connections properly? We can quickly fix most e-mail problems on most messaging systems such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange, AOL, etc. 

Business Networking

  • DSL, Fractional-T or T1 Internet Access Setup
  • Network Firewall Setup
  • File/Print server installation & maintenance
  • Wireless office networks - allow your laptop users to go wireless in the office with Wi-Fi networking
  • Wireless security setup to keep competitors in the parking lot from accessing your company network
  • Domain name purchase and setup 
  • Fast-Ethernet & Gigabit Ethernet for fast data transfer in the office

Inter- Networks To Other Offices

  • DSL, Fractional-Ts, T1 links for Frame Relay WANs to your other offices
  • Interfacing to WAN carriers (AT&T, MCI, Verizon, etc.) - we speak their language!

Call Jersey Tech Support at (908) 301-0710 for fast help to any 
PC problem.

Certified Network/Computer Consultant & Networking Support in Los Angeles Our technicians are trained and certified by Microsoft  as experts on the Microsoft Windows, Networks and Applications

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