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   Viruses - Worms -  SpyWare - AdWare

Is your Computer running slow?  Web browser going to sites you didn't request?  Unwanted ads popping up on your screen? 

Your PC could be infected with a Virus, Worm, SpyWare or AdWare.


Call Jersey Tech Support to kill
Viruses, Worms, SpyWare and AdWare.

What Are They & Why Are They Bad?

Computer Viruses & Worms
The nasty world of viruses and worms can leave your PC helpless and unable to operate. Viruses and Worms are malicious software that spread via e-mails or even just visiting an infected web site. Viruses and worms infect your PC and do nasty things such as erase files, attack other computers (especially your friends), slow down your PC or even stop your machine from running.

SpyWare and AdWare software installs itself in your PC without  your knowledge, and then sends your personal data back to the people who wrote it and/or pops up unwanted ads on your screen.

Many 'freeware' programs, such as the Weather Bug, BearShare, Grokster, WeatherScope, eWallet,  PrecisionTime, or Kazaa, install  SpyWare & AdWare on your machine without your knowledge.

Some SpyWare will hijack your web browser and point it to advertising web sites instead of your normal home page.

We Can Help You:

Protect your PC from Viruses and Worms - make sure you run a good anti-virus program, and subscribe to the vendor's virus signature updates. Ensure that your PC gets the vendor's updates on a regular basis.

A hint to avoid catching a virus - never open e-mails that come from someone you don't know, and never click on any attachment in e-mails from strangers.

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